Visiting LA -What to do in Hollywood: A Guide for First-Timers

Hello beautiful people!

The list of things to do in Hollywood boasts well-known attractions such as Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Sign and the iconic Universal Studios!

Hollywood is centrally located within Los Angeles, and it is the birthplace of the American film industry. I personally believe it should be a must on your trip to LA!

Hollywood is located in the central region of Los Angeles

Just as the title of the post suggests, today I will be sharing with you my best tips and tricks to make your visit to Hollywood super productive and unforgettable, which will be especially useful if you are a first-time visitor and you only have one day to make the most out of Hollywood.

In today’s post, I will not be talking about Universal Studios since I believe you should dedicate an entire day to explore and get the most out of the park. Please bear with me; I will post a guide to Universal Studios shorty.

Getting here: It is totally possible to come here by public transport! The Metro B Line, which runs between Downtown Los Angeles and North Hollywood, brings you here. We got off at Hollywood Vine, and the price for a single metro journey is $1.75. Remember that in order to use the Metro you first need a Metro Card, which costs $2, and it is available to purchase at any ticket machine.

Without further due, let’s jump right into my Hollywood Guide for First-Timers:


Enjoy the immortalised names on the famous stars along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. It is very delightful to see who you recognise among the celebrities honoured with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

My advice: If there are any particular stars you wish to visit, make sure you find out beforehand their location: The Hollywood Walk of Fame is literally kilometric: there are over 2,500 stars! Some of my favourite stars were Jennifer Aniston, Shakira, Michael Jackson or Disney’s.

I noticed that during day time it was less crowded, so if you want to enjoy it calmly and peacefully, definitely come here early.


Hollywood Hike
Sunset Ranch

So here’s the thing: no public transport will bring you to the Hollywood Sign. You have to drive here, or alternatively, you can take a taxi from the Walk of Fame (Broadway Theatre), which will leave you near Sunset Ranch.

Once you are in Sunset Ranch, you must be ready for a little hike in order to reach the top and get the best views! If you follow this advice, you will get EVEN better views of the Hollywood Sign than you would get through the famous “Griffith Observatory”, I promise.

TOP TIP: An average price for an Uber from the Walk of Fame to Sunset Ranch is $15 and takes about 15 minutes.

And yes, the Hollywood sign is pretty awesome, but how about the other side? The views from the hills are amazing.


Me enjoying a delicious vegan burger

This place was recommended to us by many locals. Let’s be honest, pretty much all of us grew up watching American movies and TV shows. If you are like me and you have been itching to dine in one of these “American style” restaurants, this one is for you. Can I just say that we ended up having a food coma?

The food was amazing, and the portions are literally massive! The price is reasonable, and the service was impeccable and friendly. They serve milkshakes, burgers, pancakes,… you name it!

They also offer plenty of VEGAN & Vegetarian options (YAY!). Definitely not the healthiest option, but coming here once to get the full experience will not harm you. Check out their menu here:

We personally dined in Mel’s Drive-In located in Hollywood.


Lastly, you cannot forget about the Chinese Theatre, which I totally recommend visiting in the evening, once all the Hollywood lights go on. If you have the chance (and the time) definitely see a movie in one of the grand movie palaces.

At the Chinese Theatre, you will find the historic props and costumes housed in this theatre dating from 1927!

It is also home to cement handprints and footprints from iconic stars like Will Smith!

Thank you so much for reading!

Are you planning a trip to Hollywood? Tell me, tell me!

If you have any more questions about coming to Hollywood, you can always reach me out privately on my social media! My Instagram is @sunkissedaby!

Until next time!

A xx

2 thoughts on “Visiting LA -What to do in Hollywood: A Guide for First-Timers

  1. Great post and fantastic photos. Sounds like you had a fantastic time exploring Hollywood. Although it’s never been on top of my travel wish list, I would go anywhere at the moment. But sadly, due to the coronavirus, there is no longer travel of any sort. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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