The only Interrail packing checklist you’ll ever need

Hello beautiful people,

How are you doing today? I hope you’re having a fabulous day and thank you so much for reading!

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been interrailing on my own around Europe for a few weeks. It’s been a breathtaking adventure, and if you’d like to know more about my experience Interrailing as a female solo traveller, here’s the direct link to a blog post where I talk about it in much more detail.

As I was travelling and staying in a multitude of different places, there were many things I required: some of them I was smart enough to carry around and others I completely forgot about. In this post I will give you the ultimate interrail checklist of 15 essentials you need to pack with you, to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Let’s jump right into it:


How did I forget about this? If you’re going to stay in hostels, there’s usually a little cage/draw under your bed where you can leave your stuff. Now, here’s the thing: 99% of hostels require you to bring your own lock, since you’re going to be staying with strangers in the same room. That way when you’re sleeping or you’re out of the room, your stuff is left completely locked.


I personally brought two with me. I already owned one, but got a second one just in case. Please, do invest I a good one, it will last you forever. Just imagine: how horrible it would be running out of battery in a completely different country and not being able to find the way back to your accommodation!

My favourite brand is “Energiser”, in the model UE10007. I charge it for a few hours and this baby is able to charge my phone to the fullest up to 3 times or so. It’s perfect if you’re going to be spending the day out.


Check what type of plug is used in the cities your going to visit beforehand. In most hotels and hostels there’re converters available, however you may have to pay for them.


Do I even need to tell you why? Train/coach/plane journeys can get long. This will literally save your life. You don’t have to spend much on it, the one I use is actually from Primark; I’ve had it for ages and it’s so comfortable! It takes no space at all because I just hang it outside my suitcase, ready to use when needed.


In hotels and AirB&B this is provided for you, however if you’re staying in hostels, you may have to pay extra for it, which adds up if you’re travelling on a budget. I personally brought my own ones since I am a bit OCD. But just like I’ve mentioned, some hostels include it for free and others require you to pay extra.


How did I forget about this! Again, so essential when you’re travelling in general. Specially, if you’re staying in hostels and have to share room with strangers. Some people snore, you know? Very annoying.


Much needed to walk around your accommodation. Once again, if you’re staying in hostels remember everyone is using the same showers. Showering with flip flops will help you prevent fungus infections. You can get really cheap ones in Primark for £1.


I got quite ill during my visit to one of the cities (long story short: my wisdom tooth decided to start growing) and it was VERY painful. Even if you’re the type of person that doesn’t usually get sick, please do carry some emergency pain killers with you.

In addition, if you take any medication/supplements on a regular basis, don’t forget to pack these with you.


Be prepared for unpredictable weather. I was lucky enough that during my trip the weather was amazing. However, during one of the days it poured rain, which I did not anticipate.


Please, do come prepared with the currency of the countries you’re visiting beforehand. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I personally changed money at the airport with a random agency and got totally scammed. They gave me much less than what I was supposed to have, and all because I didn’t research about the currency of the countries I was visiting. If you’re confused, I suggest you visit your bank and ask them what’s the easiest option for you.


Leaving your suitcase/backpack in a hostel storage room or at the trunk of a long distance coach where people constantly get on and off is a very risky game, my dear!

I personally traveled with a suitcase, but most people Interrailing use a rucksack.  Make sure there’s something that identifies yours.


Almonds, oat bars, peanuts, fruits, etc. Can you image I struggled to find bananas and other healthy snacks in some of the cities I visited?

Always carry healthy snacks with you, for two reasons:

  1. It’s probably cheaper

2. Guarantees you a healthier option


I know, I know. This sounds extra AF. But let me explain: If you have a special diet or are going to stay for long, most likely you’ll end up cooking. If you’re staying in a hostel there’s usually a kitchen and a common fridge. If you carry a small food container with you, you will be able to store any excess food you prepare.


Even if you’re travelling to an area where it’s going to be hot/humid, overnight journeys can get a bit chilli. Always be prepared.


My essentials include:

-Sun protection

-Mini deodorant (100ml)

-Mini toothbrush and toothpaste

-Shampoo, conditioner, hair styler.

-Makeup remover, face wash, toner, serum & moisturiser.

-Facial wipes

-Mini shower gel

-Body moisturiser and hand cream.


-Antibacterial hand sanitiser

What are your essentials?

If you managed to stay until the end, well done you!

Happy backpacking and safe travels,

Until next time
A xx

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