My favourite places in Madrid

Hey beautiful people,

How is the start of the week treating you so far? I hope it’s fabulous!

The idea behind this post is quite cheeky. As some of you may know, I’m from Madrid (and just in case you didn’t know, now you do.)

Whenever people I know in real life tell me they’re planning to visit Madrid there’s ALWAYS so much to recommend and it actually takes time to sit down and write about ALLLL my favourite places over and over again.

So I thought “hey, I’ll dedicate a post about it and from now on I’ll just start sending people the link”. Very cheeky, I know.

Regardless, welcome. I’ll keep this post simple and clear, aesthetically pleasing and straight to the point just like we do things here at The Gipsy Soul.

Stay tuned for the very end of this post because I’ll recommend some very affordable and delicious places to eat and munch around Madrid.

Let’s get started:


Situated in Plaza de la Independencia, 7 28014 Retiro (Retiro Metro, L2)

It’s a green oasis in the heart of Madrid. It is a good spot to go for a stroll, practise some sport, have a picnic, etc. not only for tourists, but us madrileños also love it. There’s always so much to see and do. My favourite time of the year to visit this park is during the summer, when it’s nice and warm and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

In addition, from the 31st of May until the 15th of June there’s a book fair going on where you can meet different authors and purchase as many books as you wish.

In the heart of this park lies a large lake, and you can hire a rowing boat. Prices range between 6 and 8€. Click here to access the direct link.


It’s a little conservatory  (translated as “palace of glass”) and located in El Retiro park. It’s built in the shape of a Greek cross and it’s decorated with ceramics.

It is used as a place to showcase art and other sculptures. The entrance is free and let me tell you, it is a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram spot.


This beautiful garden (translated as “The Rose Garden”) is located in the heart of Madrid, very close to Príncipe Pío station and Plaza de España (L10). It enjoys a privilege location inside the Western Park, one of Madrid’s most important nature spaces. The entrance is free but make sure you check the opening times since it changes depending on the season. You don’t want the security guard to lock you in (like it almost happened to my friend and I, LOL).

Walking distance from this park you’ll be able to find “Príncipe Pío” shopping center, which not many tourists know about. The architecture of this mall is very modern and pleasing, definitely check it out if you want to get some shopping done somewhere indoors.


Malasaña is Madrid’s most bohemian and care-free neighbourhood. Situated between “Plaza 2 de Mayo” and “Tribunal” metro station, there’s plenty of coffee places, vintage shops, vegan restaurants and cultural hotspots that you’ll be able to enjoy. At night, most of the pubs and clubs over this area host live music.


It’s the rooftop of the “Circulo de Bellas Artes” building, which hosts art exhibitions, workshops, literature, etc. From this rooftop there’s a beautiful view across the city.

The entrance costs around 4€ and the schedule changes during winter time, so make sure you check it in advance. Sometimes there’s a DJ and you can have a lay in one of their beds and cushions whilst you’re enjoying a cocktail. There’s also a restaurant where delicious Spanish food awaits. Click here for the direct link to their website.


And of course you can’t forget Madrid’s iconic city centre. Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol, Chueca, Callao, Plaza de España… wherever your body takes you. I will not dedicate much about these places since they’re literally the most basic spots around the city, and you literally cannot miss them. There’s Inditex shops everywhere (if you’re a fan of Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Pull and Bear, etc… welcome! here there’s plenty of choices).

There’s also a lot of restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc. In Madrid there’s always something to do! Some of my favourite spots to munch or go for a meal include:

MadWaffle: Have you ever tried bubble waffle? So aesthetically pleasing, and it only costs around 5€. It’s a combination of ice cream and hot perfectly cooked waffles with choice of toppings. Delicious, I even felt bad eating it and destroying it. There’s two of them in Madrid: one is located by “Calle Tetuán, 22-24 (METRO SOL)” and the other one is on “Calle Gran Vía 54 (METRO CALLAO)”.

-Cien Montaditos: Every Sunday and Wednesday the entire menu is 1€!! Drinks included, so you can enjoy as many pints or sangrias as you wish for a very low price (welcome to Spain, I guess). A “montadito” is a tapa-sized roll of bread similar to a mini baguette and stuffed with different things: tortilla, cheese, etc and even chocolate!

Cien Montaditos it’s a chain of restaurants located all over Spain. Here’s the website so you can find which one is the closest to you.

-Llao Llao: what’s better than ice-cream? Frozen yogurt! Again, you’ll be able to find these all over Spain, and they are just delicious! You can pick your own toppings (fruits, sweets, chocolates,etc) and sauces (white chocolate, caramel, etc) and voilá! You create your own personalised fro-yo.

-Tapa-Tapa: if you’re feeling fancy fancy, I suggest you visiting this restaurant located right in the centre, and more specifically on “Calle de la Montera,47, 28013”. They serve cocktails and delicious Spanish tapas, and funny enough I had my first ever date here!

Click here for the direct link to their website.

B13: VEGAN traditional Spanish tapas. Located in Malasaña, the cool neighbourhood I mentioned earlier,and more specifically on “Calle Ballesta, 13, METRO GRAN VIA or TRIBUNAL)”. This pub/restaurant is literally so inexpensive.

I must confess I haven’t eaten here yet because whenever I’ve attempted to there’s been a HUGE queue of people and I’ve literally had to wait outside for hours. But I guess if it wasn’t that great it wouldn’t be so crowded, right? If you decide to eat here make sure you come early to avoid the crowds.

Have you visited Madrid? There’s a lot more to share but I could be here for hours and hours and hours. Let me know if you’d like a part two!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you a lot for reading!

Until next time,

A xx

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