What to do in Dublin: A Weekend Trip

Hey lovelies,

Welcome to Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Here’s a quick post for those of you looking to spend a weekend away. Whilst I was preparing my dissertation and other final assignments, I randomly decided to book two small trips during Spring break. I know, so responsible. (We catch flights, not books sweetie). Jokes jokes.

The truth is that I needed a little break so I decided to spend a weekend away in Lile (France) and the following weekend in Dublin. If you follow me on Instagram (@sunkissedaby) you know about all the spam I’ve posted on Dublin. I knew Ireland was a beautiful country anyways, but I just felt so welcomed in the Irish capital.

TOP TIP: An option to get from the airport to the city centre is using “Airlink” bus services. The 747 bus departures every 15 minutes from 5 am to 11:30 pm every day( Sunday’s 11:20 pm). Takes around 45 minutes. An adult single ticket costs 6€ and a return 10€, and can be purchased at the bus.

Today I decided to put together a list of 7 things to do in Dublin, which are perfect if you are looking to spend a weekend away. This post will hopefully help you enjoy your time in Dublin to the fullest. Let’s get started:


Dublin’s number one tourist bar

So stereotypical, I know. But seriously, the award to the most aesthetically pleasing pubs goes to Dublin. I’ve never seen such beautiful pubs, and I was literally taking pictures in front of all of them. Of course you need to visit the iconic Temple Bar Pub. Did you know that Temple Bar is not only the name of this iconic pub, but the entire area? I remember asking a stranger “where is Temple Bar?” And they were like “sweetie, you’re at the Temple Bar. It’s the name of this entire area”.

However, the only downside would be that since this area is so popular-if not the most popular in Dublin, it’s always so crowded by tourists, which means two things: 1) if you want to take cute pictures you must come super early so you don’t get disturbed. 2)The price of drinks and food is crazily expensive in comprising to other areas. The average drink such as a pint or a glass of wine ranges between 6 and 10€.


Get the full Irish experience

I personally recommend O’Neill’s, where there’s live music pretty much every night from 21:00 pm until midnight. There is no entrance fee, but due to the popularity of the area drinks can be a little bit on the pricey side. I shall say that the prices are totally worth it, since you’ll be able to witness native traditional music and dancing. My experience here was fabulous, met so many people, sang a lot, drank some wine. Lived my best life sis.

TOP TIP: A regular meal in a pub/restaurant ranges between 20-25€. In addition, the average price of a pint ranges between 6 and 10€. If you’re travelling on a budget, there’s loads of street food options at a more affordable price.


Get adventurous and take a trip outside of Dublin

If you have the chance, plan a day trip to the countryside. The most popular locations were the wild limestone Burren National Park on Galaway Bay and Cliffs of Moher. I personally didn’t have time since my trip was kinda last minute and I’m planning another trip to Ireland anyways where I specifically visit the countryside, so wasn’t too bothered about it. Once you’re in Dublin you’ll see that these day-trips are advertised pretty much everywhere. The average cost for a return coach ticket ranges between 40 and 70€, and you can either purchase it in advance (which is much cheaper) or once you’re in Dublin.

DID YOU KNOW: The weather is so unpredictable. It’s kinda similar to English weather, but You may have to carry an umbrella around. In case you didn’t know, in Dublin you can experience 4 seasons in a single day.


A classic must see

It’s Ireland’s most prestigious university for a reason. You can access the campus for free, it’s right in the heart of Dublin, walking distance from Temple Bar. At the campus you may also want to visit the “Old Library & Book of Kells”. The Book or Kells is Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and the world’s most famous medieval manuscript. It documents the four Gospels of the life of Jesus Christ.

The entrance is around 11 and 14 €, and there’s deals if you come in groups. Check their website for more info.


A very Instagramable Spot

This famous bar situated in the city centre, on Anne’s lane, and it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. Definitely an “Instagram Spot”. I went there at like 7 am to make sure it wasn’t crowded by tourists, and I was lucky enough to meet a very welcoming group of people that were willing to take pictures of me.

Did you know this bar is also colloquially known as “The Umbrella Bar”? I wonder why.


The most colourful street

OMG no doubt my favourite spot in Dublin, located by “Mercantile Hotel”. It’s STUNNING. I took like 272.892 pictures probably, and I was so tempted to post them all (low-key still am). Its such a colourful spot, with live street music that creates a whole vibe.

I was actually on my way to somewhere else, I got lost and found this gem!!


Learn about the country’s history

Whatever city you visit, I always recommend joining a walking tour with a professional guide. Specially in Dublin. This country is so rich in culture, it’s totally worth learning about the history. I literally asked my guide about “leprechauns” and he was like “you know they’re just part of our mythology, right? they don’t actually exist”. And I was low-key disappointed. Anyways, walking tours are an amazing alternative to meet new people if you’re travelling alone. Click here for the direct link to the one I joined.

I could probably continue forever. Once again, I totally recommend visiting Dublin, it’s such a warm and welcoming city. The Irish are so kind and helpful. In addition, the city is so very safe for solo travellers, there’s people from all over the world and for sure you’ll make new friends! If you’ve got any questions, I’m more than happy to help!

Until next time,

Aby x

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